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Highlights From The Antiquorum New York September Auction

This week we are bringing you six replica watches to fake watch in the Antiquorum sale next week in New York. Jason Heaton already showed you one highlight of the sale: Philippe-Pierre Cousteau's very early reference 1665 Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller. Here are six more replica watches in the sale that I particularly like, including an Omega, Patek, Vacheron, Lange, Heuer, and LeCoultre, plus a bonus enamel necklace fake watch for the ladies.

As always, we suggest getting in touch with the auction house for additional photos, including photos of the movement. And if possible, it is always best to examine these replica watches in person. Antiquorum will be hosting previews in New York tomorrow (Saturday) from noon to five, Sunday from noon to five, and Monday from ten to six. The auction is on Tuesday and you can see the full catalog here and virtual catalog here.

Omega Speedmaster reference 2998-2

While Omega Speedmasters with 321 movements aren't necessarily rare (there were approximately 40,000 Speedmasters with 321 movements made), finding an early one that has the original bezel and hands, and an unpolished case, is exceedingly rare. Speedmasters, like Replica Rolex Submariners, are replica watches that people knew (as a result of the Apollo missions in particular) and wanted to wear over the decades. As such, they were frequently serviced and had horrible, terrible things done to them, such as case polishing and bezel and hand replacement.

Antiquorum has a fantastic reference 2998 with a tropical / chocolate dial, the famous alpha hands, and the correct register hands. It also has the original bezel, showing some wear and a little fading to gray, but it is correct as it has the "BASE 1000" on it (as was found on the 2998s). The case also looks unpolished to me, which is fantastic. Overall, this is just a great "barn find" type Speedmaster that has miraculously survived in original condition over the last 50+ years.

Just a side note: the hour register hand looks like it has a little "creep" to it (meaning it moves forward and does not stay at 0 even if the chronograph is not operating), which is not uncommon with these 321 movements and would need to be fixed by a watchmaker.

Lot 84 has an estimate of $5,000?8,000.

Patek Philippe reference 5004R

There are a few rare modern Pateks in the sale, but this perpetual calendar double-split chronograph reference 5004R really jumped out at me when I was reviewing the catalog. The fake watch was originally sold in 2000 and since then the rose-gold case has developed a patina that you sometimes see when a gold fake watch sits for years untouched. It's just a really unique looking piece, and of course an unbelievably great watch. This isn't the most expensive Patek in the sale, but it just might be my favorite.

Lot 115 has an estimate of $190,000?260,000.

Vacheron Constantin Mercator reference 43050

When I first saw the Mercator a number of years ago, I thought it was odd and I wasn't a huge fan. But in the intervening years, it has really grown on me and I now place it as one of my favorite modern Vacherons. This example in yellow gold was sold in 2000.

Lot 221 has an estimate of $13,000?20,000.

A. Lange & Söhne "Lange 1" reference 101.005

If you are looking to buy your first Lange, there are quite a few in this sale. Just check out lots 169 to 182. But out of all of them, my favorite may be this simple Lange 1. I am a sucker for a white metal case and a black dial. It's just a great fake watch and I will be interested to see how this one (and the other Langes) do in the sale.

Lot 169 has an estimate of $15,000?20,000.

Heuer Camaro reference 73643SNT

The Camaro remains an underrated vintage Heuer, in my opinion. This particular example is extremely uncommon and one of my favorite Camaro references. The white dial and grayish-blue registers and tachometer track with orange hands combine to create a fantastic look. There is some aging around the edge of the registers and tachy track, and the case may have been lightly polished on the edges, but overall, this is just a very compelling chronograph.

Lot 9 has an estimate of $2,000?3,000.

LeCoultre Quartermaster reference E 326

The LeCoultre Quartermaster is a relatively uncommon vintage watch. Displaying the time in 24 hours for those in the military, only about 2,500 were ever made and it remains the only fake watch ever made by Jaeger-LeCoultre that has this time-only 24-hour rotation configuration. Many of those that exist have pretty strong wear, but this one coming up for sale at Antiquorum looks fantastic. The black dial and gilt writing on this example just speak to me.

Lot 7 has an estimate of $1,500?1,800 (with no reserve).

Bonus: Necklace Watch

I remain a big fan of the necklace enamel ball replica watches that were popular from the late-19th to mid-20th century. They are just neat pieces of art with great variation, and are not common. If you are looking for a neat necklace for your wife, this could be the ticket. The ones with names you would know, like Tudor, sell for a premium, while those that are unbranded or have less-familiar names go for a lot less. Regardless, they were all of high quality and I believe the ball-shaped movements were essentially the same regardless of the maker. The movement on this one is signed "Geo. Meyer" (for George Meyer) on the movement.

Lot 214 has an estimate of $1,000?2,000 (with no reserve).

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